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Q999--621I-R4, RFP-797-FSS-00-0115-R4 Solicitation and Amendment # 1 Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
Illinois 2021/10/02 2026/10/15
The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) Seeks Industry Partners for Clinical Research Collaborations on Therapeutics, Diagnostics or Devices for the Liver Cirrhosis Network
Medical Services
Maryland 2021/06/17 2026/05/16
Contract Legal Instrument Examiner (CLIE) and Program Analyst (CPA) in Support of the Office of Aerospace MedicineÔ??s (AAM) Airman Disability Case Review (AADCR) Project
Medical Services
Oklahoma 2023/01/12 2024/09/30
Non-Personal Healthcare Services-Physician and Other Professional Ambulatory Services for the PRC Program
Medical Services
New Mexico 2023/01/14 2024/01/05
Sources Sought Indianapolis, IN Nursing
Medical Services
Ohio 2022/12/03 2023/12/08
Q201--MOLOKAI CBOC Utilization HCR PMPM Requirement
Medical Services
California 2022/11/15 2023/11/28
Medical Services
New Mexico 2022/11/18 2023/11/25
Crownpoint Healthcare Facility - Non-Personal Certified Medical Assistants Services.
Medical Services
Arizona 2022/11/16 2023/11/23
Notice of Intent to Sole Source Microlog Premier ServiceFirst MTF Solution Software Service
Medical Services
South Carolina 2022/07/29 2023/08/10
Amendment--Q--COMMUNITY NURSING HOME SERVICES FOR NCO 17 Various Locations within Texas Counties
Medical Services
Texas 2022/07/09 2023/07/31
Q402--Nursing Home Sources Sought
Medical Services
Maine 2022/07/07 2023/07/06
Q402--Request for Quote - Community Nursing Home NMVAHCS
Medical Services
Arizona 2022/06/15 2023/06/30
Notice of Intent to Sole Source AIHA PAT Accreditation
Medical Services
California 2022/05/21 2023/06/06
Q402--Detroit - Contract Nursing Homes (VA-21-00036936) -- Healthcare Team
Medical Services
Ohio 2022/05/11 2023/05/05
Comprehensive Medical Services-USP Marion, IL Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
Illinois 2022/09/29 2023/04/13

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