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Richmond ACQ Plan FY20 Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
Virginia 2019/12/21 2022/01/01
Q402--Nursing Home Services, Peak Resources
Medical Services
Virginia 2020/03/18 2021/03/19
Q402--Nursing Home Services FY20
Medical Services
Virginia 2020/04/16 2021/04/30
Q402--North Carolina CNH Base Plus 4 Fy20
Medical Services
Virginia 2020/04/22 2021/04/30
Community Nursing Homes in Wurtland, Kentucky (within 25 miles) Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
Kentucky 2020/02/07 2021/03/10
Q402--Nursing Home Sources Sought
Medical Services
Maine 2020/07/08 2021/07/06
Q402--Companion Care Services to support the Phoenix VA Health Care System Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
Arizona 2020/04/10 2021/04/11
Q402--FY20 CNH-VISN Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
New York 2020/08/08 2021/12/31
Optometrist Services - USP Marion
Medical Services
Texas 2020/10/09 2021/10/15
Environmental Response Laboratory Network (ERLN) A Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
District of Columbia 2020/09/18 2021/03/15
Optometrist Services for USP Marion
Medical Services
Texas 2020/10/28
Q201--NOTICE OF INTENT TO SOLE SOURCE Community Care Network (CCN) Region 6 - Pacific Islands
Medical Services
Virginia 2020/10/28
Q702--Vital Images Vitrea Software Service
Medical Services
Wisconsin 2020/11/11
Q301--Involuntary Hearing Administrative Court Services
Medical Services
Tennessee 2020/11/11
Q301--NOTICE OF INTENT: WatchPat sleep studies
Medical Services
Ohio 2020/11/13

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