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S202--****Notice of Intent to Sole Source**** Contractor-Owned Contractor-Operated Fire Protection Service for Alvin C. York VAMC
Utilities & Training
Tennessee 2021/07/22
Gardening Services for Real Property Owned by the Embassy of the United States of America in Lisbon
Utilities & Training
District of Columbia 2021/07/23
S203--HV Cook Chill Food for Veterans
Utilities & Training
New York 2021/08/05
Boundary Maintenance Services, Westville Dam, Sturbridge and Southbridge, MA
Utilities & Training
Massachusetts 2021/08/20
QA Mechanical Inspections - North Dakota Facilities
Utilities & Training
North Dakota 2021/08/26
Piedmont Boundary Line Maintenance Services at Falls Lake and B. Everett Jordan Lake (re-paint existing markings) Amended Opportunity
Utilities & Training
North Carolina 2021/07/29
S208--Fort Gibson temporary grounds maintenance services 6 weeks
Utilities & Training
Virginia 2021/09/14
Janitorial Services
Utilities & Training
District of Columbia 2021/09/14
Standby Generator Services, Naugatuck River Basin, CT
Utilities & Training
Connecticut 2021/09/16
Mechanical Vegetation Control Services, Thames River Basin, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut
Utilities & Training
Massachusetts 2021/09/16
OHARNG MOGAS Storage Tank Maintenance and Pump Relocation
Utilities & Training
Ohio 2021/08/27 2021/09/17
Burnsville Lake Cleaning Services
Utilities & Training
West Virginia 2021/08/14 2021/09/17
Aerial Device Non-Destructive Test (NDT) Inspection and Certification services for four ladder trucks at various U.S. Navy bases throughout Japan Amended Opportunity
Utilities & Training
APO/FPO Pacific 2021/08/21 2021/09/17
Utilities & Training
Michigan 2021/08/07 2021/09/17
Backflow Preventer Maintenance- WV and MD area 99th RD
Utilities & Training
New Jersey 2021/09/02 2021/09/17

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