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Published Date
Closing Date
Notice of Intent to Award on a Sole Source Basis, No Quotes Required
Medical Services
Maryland 2021/10/22 2022/11/01
Comprehensive Medical Services - FCI Big Spring Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
Texas 2021/10/21 2022/01/05
Q301--HV Stat Lab Testing
Medical Services
New York 2021/10/20
Health Technicians for Domiciliary services Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
California 2021/10/19 2022/11/03
Notice of Intent to Award Sole Source - BeLPT Services
Medical Services
Washington 2021/10/15
Q301--Highly Specialized Reference Lab Testing For South Texas VA Facility
Medical Services
Texas 2021/10/13
Q301--CareDx Allosure Testing (VA-20-00099357)
Medical Services
Virginia 2021/10/09
Reference Laboratory Testing Services
Medical Services
Maryland 2021/10/06 2022/10/15
Q999--621I-R4, RFP-797-FSS-00-0115-R4 Solicitation and Amendment # 1 Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
Illinois 2021/10/02 2026/10/15
Q402--Adult Day Health Care (ADHC)
Medical Services
Arizona 2021/09/30 2022/09/30
Comprehensive Medical Services - FCI Fairton Amended Opportunity
Medical Services
New Jersey 2021/09/25 2021/12/08
Q515--Cytology Lab Services for San Francisco VAMC
Medical Services
California 2021/09/23
Q301--Intent to Sole Source to Solellis Data LLC.
Medical Services
Pennsylvania 2021/09/22
Q301--Intent to Sole Source VISN 6 Reference Laboratory Testing and Courier Services
Medical Services
Virginia 2021/09/21
Q501--36C242-22-AP-0005 - GSA FSS Open Continuous Anesthesiology - Albany VAMC - Pre Award
Medical Services
New York 2021/09/18 2022/09/30

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