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AFLCMC/XZA Development Planning and Early Integration Systems Assessment Research and Development
Research & Development
Ohio 2016/09/27 2021/09/27
Human-Centered Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Leveraged Science and Technology (S&T) Program
Research & Development
Ohio 2018/02/17 2023/02/10
Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Survivability
Research & Development
Ohio 2018/04/03 2023/03/14
Government Requirement for Advanced Power and Energy (GRAPE)
Research & Development
Ohio 2018/05/05 2023/05/02
Research for Integrated Vehicle Aerodynamic Technologies (RIVAT)
Research & Development
Ohio 2019/05/08 2023/05/09
Defense Production Act Title III Expansion of Domestic Production Capability and Capacity
Research & Development
Ohio 2019/07/13 2024/07/12
Microelectronics Innovation for Next-generation System Advancement and Validation (MINSAV) Advanced Research Announcement (ARA) with Calls
Research & Development
Ohio 2019/09/28 2024/10/01
Trusted and Elastic Military Platforms and Electronic Warfare (EW) System Technologies (TEMPEST)
Research & Development
Ohio 2019/10/12 2024/10/11
Research Methods and Technologies for Blended Live and Synthetic Personalized Learning, Modeling and Assessment Open Broad Agency Announcement
Research & Development
Ohio 2019/12/21 2024/12/16
Airman Readiness Medical Research (ARMR) Hybrid Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)
Research & Development
Ohio 2020/05/02 2025/04/30
Manufacturing Research and Technology Development - Open Broad Agency Announcement Amended Opportunity
Research & Development
Ohio 2021/03/25 2026/03/24
Collaboration for Innovative Research on Aircraft Structure (CIRAS) Amended Opportunity
Research & Development
Ohio 2021/05/11 2026/05/10
Rocket Experimentation for Global Agile Logistics (REGAL)
Research & Development
Ohio 2021/06/05
Special Notice - FedConnect Proposal Submission Amended Opportunity
Research & Development
Ohio 2021/06/17 2021/08/03
Subsequent RFI: Expendable Hypersonic Multi-Mission Air-Breathing Demonstrator (Mayhem) Program
Research & Development
Ohio 2021/07/13 2021/08/31

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