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This glossary provides descriptions for many terms and concepts you may encounter while using Aerobidz.



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Amendment Modification

This is a piece of Documentation that is issued subsequent to an Opportunity Notice becoming active on the website. Also known as an "update" or "addenda".

Associated Components Éléments associés

Documentation that provides supporting information for an Opportunity Notice.

Authorization Number Numéro d’autorisation

The number assigned by Aerobidz to a purchase by credit card.

Auto Update Mise à jour Auto

When this check box is selected, Suppliers will automatically receive Amendments for Opportunity Notices they have ordered. Also known as Automatic Delivery of Amendments.

Automatic Delivery of Amendments Transmission automatique des modifications

The option to have Amendments automatically sent to you when they are issued by the Buyer.

Bid Soumission

A proposal or quotation submitted in response to an Opportunity Notice.

Buyer Acheteur

An airport that is looking to procure goods, services or construction.

Categories Catégories

A high-level classification method for goods, services and construction.

Client Agency Organisme client

A contact from another division or department within the Buyer's organization. The Buyer creates Opportunity Notices on behalf of a Client Agent. The Client Agent information will be displayed on the Opportunity Notice after an order has been placed.

Closing Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Date de fermeture (jj/mm/aaaa)

The date on which all bid submissions must be received. The notice is then removed from the Open Opportunities database.

Closing Time Heure de fermeture

Indicates the exact time and time zone at which all bid submissions must be received.

Confirmation Number Numéro de confirmation

The number that Aerobidz assigns to completed orders.

Cookies Cookies

Small packets of information that store and track your work preferences, patterns and Internet address (URLs). Cookies do not record or transmit your email address or any other personal information to Aerobidz. When you exit your browser, the cookies created by Aerobidz are removed from your hard-drive. In order for Aerobidz to run smoothly, you must accept cookies. Without them, Aerobidz will be very slow and may encounter system errors.

Disclaimer Avertissement

A message which appears at the top of all Opportunity Notices indicating that the Buyer, and not Aerobidz, is accountable for language and/or content.

Distribution Unit Centre de distribution

Location where Associated Components are distributed from.

Document Document

A file that supports the Opportunity Notice. Documents are not available publicly on Aerobidz but can be purchased by Suppliers.

Document Number Numéro du document

The number that Aerobidz assigns to each Associated Component that is added to an Opportunity Notice.

Document Request List Liste des commandes de documents

A list of Suppliers who have ordered Associated Components for a specific Opportunity Notice.

Documentation Documentation

A 'generic' term that includes Document and Amendment. These items are not available publicly on Aerobidz. They are purchased by Suppliers and downloaded from Aerobidz.

Electronic Bid Submission (E-bid Submission) Envoi de soumission électronique

Allows Suppliers to submit bids electronically. Using your Aerobidz User ID and an E-bid Submission Authorized Signer’s PIN, you can securely upload files that make up your bid. Then, after the Closing Date and Closing Time have passed, the applicable Buyer will retrieve the electronic bid files.

Items Items

Found during the ordering process, this column lists each Associated Component of the Opportunity Notice being ordered. Clicking on the component item link will display the Items Details Page. This page lists each Associated Component, the number of pages and available formats.

MERX Distribution Unit Centre de distribution MERX

The distribution centre contracted by Aerobidz that distributes ordered Associated Components.

MERX Organization Number Numéro d’organisation MERX

The number that Aerobidz generates and assigns to all registering organizations.

Method of Delivery Méthode de livraison

The method by which the Supplier will receive ordered Associated Components.

Notice Avis

An electronic advertisement that solicits goods, services or construction.

Notification of Amendments Notification d’une modification

An automated service whereby you will be notified of any Amendments issued by a Buyer for Opportunity Notices you have ordered on Aerobidz.

Notification of Cancellation Notification d’une annulation

An automated service whereby you will be notified of the cancellation of any Opportunity Notices you have ordered on Aerobidz.

Opportunity Matching Jumelage d’avis d’appel d’offres

This feature allows Aerobidz registered Suppliers to set up and maintain a profile that will automatically search for Opportunity Notices each day that match the types of goods, services and construction that the Supplier provides. Matches are sent to the Supplier by email.

Opportunity Matching Profile Profil du jumelage d’avis d’appel d’offres

Criteria selected and saved by a Supplier that represent the type(s) of goods, services or construction that their organization supplies. The profile can be made up of categories, keywords and/or phrases. Opportunity Notices that match the criteria found in the profile are automatically sent to the Supplier by email.

Opportunity Notice Avis d’appel d’offres

A summary or description of the goods, services or construction a Buyer wishes to obtain. Limited information is available publicly on Aerobidz.

Opportunity Ordered List Liste des commandes

Found as a link off of the Supplier Menu screen, this page displays a summary of the orders placed by a Supplier. Once an order has been approved, when available, Associated Component files can be downloaded from this list.

Order Basket Panier de commande

This page displays all of the opportunity orders that a Supplier has started but not yet completed on Aerobidz. A shopping cart icon appears at the top of each Aerobidz page, indicating that there are opportunity orders in the Order Basket. The Order Basket allows Suppliers to remove opportunity orders, select Auto Updates and enter the quantity required for each Associated Component in an order.

Order Maintenance Gestion des commandes

This link, located on the Aerobidz Supplier Menu, allows Suppliers to access two order maintenance functions: Opportunity Ordered List - a list of the Opportunity Notices that you have ordered; and Document Request List - allows Suppliers to search for an Opportunity Notice in order to access a list of Suppliers who have ordered the Documentation.

Parent Organization Profile Organisation parente

A page which displays an organization's information including: MERX Organization Number, company name and address. In some cases, the Parent Organization will be the creator of sub organizations.

PDF (Portable Document Format) Document en format portatif

A file format created by Adobe Acrobat Writer and is readable by Adobe Acrobat Reader. The latest version of The Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded from the Adobe Acrobat site,, free of charge.

Publish Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Date de publication (jj/m/aaaa)

The date on which the Opportunity Notice becomes active and Suppliers are able to view it on Aerobidz.

Reference Number Numéro de référence

A unique number assigned by Aerobidz to an Opportunity Notice. The purpose of this code is to avoid confusion when the same Solicitation Number is used for more than one Opportunity Notice.

Region of Delivery Région de livraison

The region where the goods, services or construction being requested are to be delivered.

Solicitation Number Numéro d’avis d’appel d’offres

An internal procurement code that the Buyer assigns to an Opportunity Notice.

Sub Organization List Liste de la sous-organisation

A list of organizations created by the Parent Organization.

Supplier Fournisseur

A person, business or other entity who wishes to pursue Opportunity Notices.

User ID Identification de l’utilisateur

A personalized code that is created by Aerobidz at the time of registration. This code allows Suppliers and Buyers access to the Aerobidz system.

View Items Electronically Visualiser électroniquement les items

Once an order is completed, this column is located on the Opportunity Ordered Summary page. It lists all of the component Items that have been ordered. All components appearing as a hyperlink (blue) can be downloaded to your computer.

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