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The effectiveness of the procurement process can have a significant impact on an airport’s efficiency. While poor procurement practices can lead to cost overruns and delays, efficient procurement practices can bring significant savings in the acquisition of goods and services and a reduction in procurement time lines.

MERX, the leading Canadian e-tendering service provider, is pleased to offer Aerobidz, the international e-tendering service for airports and their suppliers.

What is Electronic Tendering?

Electronic tendering is a secure, highly cost effective and efficient way for buyers to source goods and services. It brings automation to the tendering process, eliminating many of the more time consuming supporting tasks. Many of the world’s largest organizations and institutions recognize the benefits and endorse the use of electronic tendering.

What is Aerobidz?

Aerobidz is the secure, cost effective, efficient, simple and fair way for airports to source goods and services.

Buyer Benefits

Aerobidz helps airports speed up the tendering cycle, from the posting of tenders to the reception of bids. Other benefits include:

  • Significant savings as the result of increased competition. Experience indicates that electronic tendering can save buyers as much as 20% on supplier contracts because bids are more competitive.
  • Greater, streamlined efficiency in the tendering process. International organizations have determined that they improved efficiencies during the tendering process by as much as 40%.

  • Reduction of costs associated with traditional tender distribution: personnel, photocopying, envelopes, postage, advertising expenses and other operational costs.

  • Saving of time to concentrate on core purchasing business.

  • Ability to advertise tender notices to a broader base of suppliers.

  • Access to Aerobidz's reporting and tracking tools to compile and analyze detailed vendor/purchasing activity.

Tools for Buyers

Aerobidz provides airports with tools to quickly publish opportunities and distribute supporting documents:

Notice Creation: A secure web-based tool used for preparing, posting, and amending tender opportunities (including documents) with minimal effort.

Bulk File Importer: Import directories of supporting document files to Aerobidz with one simple action.

Document Distribution: A secure, centralized, automated and audited facility to issue and manage the distribution of tender documents, updates and amendments.

Electronic Bid Submission: A secure, centralized location with controlled access to supplier submissions.

Extensive Reports: Track and support the analysis of trends. Reports provide information on supplier statistics and activities using Aerobidz.


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