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Navigating MERX
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How do I search opportunities? (Supplier)
Simple Opportunity Search (Canadian)
Detailed Opportunity Search (Canadian)
Simple International Opportunity Search
Detailed International Opportunity Search
Simple Contract Award Notice Search
Detailed Award Notice Search
Opportunity Abstract
How do I order documents/attachments? (Supplier)
Order Basket
Item Details
Opportunity Ordered Confirmation
Opportunity Ordered List
Order Summary
Order Confirmation
Statement List
How do I view my MERX statements?
Credit Card Information
Profile Maintenance Menu
GSIN Detail Page
How do I create new contacts (Supplier Coordinator)
Create New Contact
Create Contact Confirmation
How do I find and update a contact’s information? (Supplier Coordinator)
How do I update my contact information? (Supplier)
Update Own Profile
Update Contact Confirmation
Create Sub Organization
Create Sub Organization Confirmation
Sub Organization List
Update Organization Confirmation
How do I cancel myself?
How do I cancel a contact?
How do I set up Opportunity Matching?
Opportunity Matching Profile
How do I send an e-mail?
Change Password
Government Resources
How do I view who has been awarded contracts?
Search Document Request List
Contract Award
Former Canadian Simple Opportunity Search
Former Canadian Detailed Opportunities Search
Former International Opportunity Simple Search
Former International Detailed Opportunity Search
Searching for Character Strings
Source ID Code Definitions