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Supplier Coordinators can view their organization’s MERX Statements online at anytime. Your last 12 MERX Statements are displayed.

Should your MERX account have a balance of zero ($0) at the end of the month, statements will not be mailed to you. If you wish to receive a printed statement in the mail, send an email request to Be sure to include your MERX User ID, Organization Name and telephone number in the email message.

To view your MERX Statements, follow these steps.

1.      Go to the Supplier Home.

2.      Click the Account Activity link.

3.      Under the Online Statements title, click the View link. The Statements List page will be displayed.

4.      Click the statement number link you wish to view. A new browser window displaying the selected statement will be launched.

5.      Use the browser’s tools to print or save the statement file. To print, click the Print button on your browser’s tool bar. When finished, close the browser window that contains your MERX Statement.