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Only a Supplier Coordinator can cancel a contact within their organization. Only one contact can be cancelled at a time.

To cancel a contact:

1.      Go to the Supplier Home.

2.      Click on the Customer Profile link located under the Options section of the menu, on the left side of the page. The View Organization page will be displayed. If you have a parent organization, the page header will display View Sub Organization.

3.      Click the Organization Contact List link located on the left side of the page. The Organization Contact List page will be displayed.

4.      Click the Contact Name whose subscription you wish to cancel. The View Contact Information page will be displayed.

5.      Click the Cancel Contact link, located on the left side of the page. The Online Cancellation wizard will be launched.

6.      The MERX Online Cancellation wizard will prompt you with a number of questions. Respond to the questions as required. If you wish to abort the cancellation, click the No button.
If the contact has ordered any opportunities that are still open for which amendment or update documents may be issued, you have the choice to continue to receive them. Your organization will be charged for all amendments issued.

7.      A confirmation page will be displayed confirming the cancellation. Click the OK button to finish. The View Contact Information page will be launched. The contactís status will be changed to Cancelled.