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This page displays a summary of the order you have sent to MERX. You can print this page for your records by clicking the Print icon next to the Done button.
The date when the order was placed, the Purchase Order Number (if any) and the Charge to(Payment Method).is displayed at the top of the Order Confirmation table.

The Order Confirmation table includes:

Confirmation No. The Confirmation Number that is assigned to each opportunity ordered. You can use this number to find and track your orders on the Opportunity Ordered List page.
Reference No.

The Reference Number of the opportunity whose document(s)/attachment(s) you are ordering. This number is usually assigned by MERX to the opportunity when it is created. An asterisks (*) to the left of the Reference Number indicates that you have authorized MERX to send and charge you for amendments associated to this opportunity.

In order to differentiate between Public and Private Tenders opportunities, the Reference Number beginning with PR identifies a Private Tenders opportunity.

Title The title of each opportunity ordered.
Items This column lists all of the component items that have been ordered.
Qty This column lists the quantity of each item being purchased.
Delivery Details This column lists the delivery details based on the delivery method selected when you ordered the opportunity document(s)/attachment(s). If mail, fax or courier is selected then your mailing address or fax number will be displayed.

If you elected to Pickup the document(s)/attachment(s), the pickup location address will be displayed. If the order is being distributed by SSC-Public Works Government Services Canada, please contact the Contracting Authority for delivery information. Contracting Authority contact information is located in the opportunity notice abstract.

Note: If an opportunity has more than one document or attachment to be ordered, some documents may also be available for download. To see if some of the documents are available for download go to the Opportunity Ordered List and click on the Confirmation Number of the ordered opportunity.


If you have selected Download as the delivery method, a Download button will be displayed. Click the Download button to download the document. If you wish to save the file to your computer, right click the Download button and follow the steps to save the file. Before you can view the file, you may be required to install Adobe Acrobat Reader  on your workstation. Note that credit card orders are not final until the Credit Card authorization has been received. Once an order has been approved, the associated files may be accessed for downloading via the “Opportunity Ordered List”.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed and it is required, click the Acrobat Reader icon located on the Order Confirmation page. This will take you to the Adobe Acrobat web site where you can download the latest version of Acrobat Reader free. PDF files on MERX are best viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6.0 or higher. 

If you are experiencing problems with Acrobat Reader, you can access online support from the Adobe Acrobat web site.

Total Price This column lists all of the charges for each item, the sub total, applicable taxes, and the final total for the order.
Taxes This column indicates if the items being ordered are subject to Federal (F) or Provincial (P) taxes. If 'FP' is listed, then both Federal and Provincial taxes are applicable.

WARNING: Your session in MERX may timeout if you proceed to get and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. This will disable the information contained in the Order Confirmation page. We recommend that you save the document(s) on your PC first before downloading Adobe Acrobat.

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