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The Items Details page displays statistical information about the selected component that you are ordering. The name of the opportunity being ordered and the component name are displayed at the top of the information table.

The statistical information includes:


There are three types of items that can be contained in an order:

Documents (DOC)

Attachments (ATT)

Blue Prints (ATT)

Each component item may have one or more associated documents. These documents are listed under the heading Type of Item.

No. of Pages

This column lists the number of pages for each document listed.

Available Format

This column indicates the paper size of the document. If the document is downloadable, the format will be displayed as Adobe Acrobat.

Size of Download

When a downloadable file (Adobe Acrobat) is available, the size of the file in kilobytes (kb) is displayed.

Warning: The speed of the download is directly proportional to the type of internet connection you have as well as the size of the file to be downloaded. Since there are no restrictions on file size, it will take significantly longer to download large files using a low speed internet connection. The larger the file, the longer it will take for the download to complete.

For very large files, Suppliers can choose to have the files burned to a CD and shipped to them. It is important to note that an additional document ordering fee will apply.

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