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This page displays all of the opportunity orders that you have requested but have not yet sent to MERX. When the Shopping Cart icon appears at the top of each MERX page, this indicates that there are opportunity orders in the Order Basket. The opportunity orders will remain in the Order Basket until they have been submitted to MERX. If you leave the Order Basket page or if you log off MERX and then return to MERX, the opportunity orders will still be listed in the Order Basket.

The Order Basket allows you to remove opportunity orders, select Auto Updates, enter the quantity required for each component of an order, and select the delivery method. You can also enter a Purchase Order Number that will become associated to the group of opportunities being ordered.

Warning: To save the Order Basket options you have selected, click the Recalculate button to refresh the page. If you click the Opportunities link or the Opportunity Search link before clicking the Recalculate button, you will lose the options you have selected.

You can return to the Opportunities page or the Opportunity Search page at anytime by clicking their links located below the Back To heading on the left side of the page. If you choose to go to the Opportunities or Opportunity Search page, you will not lose the opportunity orders currently listed in the Order Basket.

Purchase Order Number

Some organizations have a Purchase Order Number system to track their purchases. If required, enter your purchase order number in the Purchase Order No. box located at the top of the Order Basket page. This is not a mandatory field. Your purchase order number cannot exceed twenty-two (22) characters. This number will be associated with all of the opportunity orders placed in the Order Basket. You will be able to use your purchase order number to find and track orders submitted to MERX.

The Order Form

Each time you order an opportunity it will be placed into the Order Basket form. The Order Basket form will be cleared when you click the Continue button to submit the orders to MERX.


A Delete column is located on the left side of the form. To remove an opportunity order from the Order Basket, click the checkbox to the left of the order title. To refresh the Order Basket page, click the Recalculate button at the bottom of the form. If you click the Continue button, the Order Summary page will be displayed. The order will be deleted and the totals in the Total column will reflect the change.



The title of the Opportunity being ordered is displayed directly under the Title heading. You can view the opportunity abstract information by clicking the title. Each component of the opportunity being ordered is displayed (components can be documents, attachments or blueprints). If you would like to view the size of the file in question, click the hyperlink under the title to view the "Item Details". This page will display Type of Item, Number of Pages, Available Format, Size of Download as well as Description (if available). Click Previous Screen to return to the Order Basket.



A pull down menu presents a choice of options that are dependant on your type of subscription or MERX Auto Amendment Value Added Service. The menu is set by default to “Receive Notifications”. This means that each time an amendment or update is issued you will automatically receive a notification from MERX inviting you to return to MERX and order the document. If you subscribe to the MERX Auto Amendment Value Added Service you will be able to choose “Receive Amendments”. This means that you will automatically receive amendments and updates by any method of delivery (other than download) that you select.  It is important to note that an additional document ordering fee will apply. If you do not want to receive notifications or amendments, choose “No Amendments or Notifications”

The user has the ability to change the amendment setting for each opportunity, however, the default will be what has been selected in hte Contact Profile page.

Warning: By choosing to not receive notification or the auto update service, you run the risk of not being informed of changes to the requirements, closing date, or any general information that may put your bid at a disadvantage or to possibly cause it to be non – compliant.


Days Left

This field indicates the number of days left before the opportunity closes.




(Qty) box allows you to order additional copies of the component. For example, you can order 3 copies of a Blueprint. Enter the quantity you require in the Qty box. This field defaults to the minimum documents that are required to make a complete bid set. If you change a quantity to zero (0), you will be prompted with an error message when you click the Continue button.


Add Partial/Complete DSP

If a Drawings and Specifications Package (DSP) is available, the DSP can be ordered as a complete set or as a partial set. A complete set consists of all English files or all French files. A partial set can consist of English and French files, if the files are available in both languages and the user selects files in both languages.

By default, the quantity of a complete DSP is set to one (1) according to the language in which the supplier is navigating the MERX site. For example, if the user is logged in English, the quantity for English will be one (1) and French will be at zero (0).

If a DSP (partial or complete) is ordered by download, the user will be able to download the DSP after the order is completed. If multiple DSP files are ordered, each DSP will need to be downloaded separately, just like any other associated component.

A user can order partial DSPs; this will bring the user to the "Create a partial DSP" screen. This link is available to the user at any time to create multiple partial DSPs. You will be asked to confirm the Partial DSP order. Once a partial DSP is created, a new line will be added in the shopping cart. This line will display information and pricing for the partial DSP based on the selected files and delivery method.

Delivery Method

From the drop down list, select the delivery method you wish to use. Note that the fee will change depending on the Delivery Method selected and the quantity requested. 

Warning:, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have limits on the size of the email being delivered to you. Please contact your ISP to inquire about their email policies. If you would like to view the size of the file in question, click the hyperlink under the title of the component to view the "Item Details". MERX assumes no responsibility for Email which is not delivered.

Beneath the Delivery Method box a summary will appear indicating the quantity of document ordered, as well as page count, paper size (if applicable, the method of delivery, the price per page as well the applicable fixed delivery charge.


Shipping and Handling

This lines summarizes the applicable handling fee for each component of the opportunity ordered. An order may have no, one or many fees depending on how each item is to be delivered.


Grand Total

Displayed at the bottom of the This box lists the final total of all the subtotals, applicable taxes



This column indicates if the items being ordered are subject to Federal (GST) or Provincial (PST) taxes..

Add more items Button

This button is only displayed if you have performed a search for opportunities and have elected to order the associated documents of one of the opportunities found. This button (when displayed) will return you to the last list of opportunities found.

 Recalculate Button

Click the Recalculate button to refresh the totals on the Order Basket form. Each time you change the quantity or delivery method, a new set of fees will apply. Clicking the Recalculate button will update the totals. All opportunity orders marked for deletion will be removed from the Order Basket.

Continue Button

Click the Continue button to submit all of the opportunity orders to MERX. The Order Summary page will be displayed. All of the opportunity orders that were listed in the Order Basket will be cleared and the Order Basket icon at the top each MERX page will disappear until another Order Basket page is initiated with new opportunity orders.