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This page allows you to create a sub organization or update an existing sub organizationís information.  The parent organization information is displayed at the top of the page followed by the sub organization information fields.  

Sub Organization Information Fields

Enter or modify the sub organizationís information in the fields provided.  Click on the Submit button to send the information to MERX.  If you wish to exit the form without saving any information, click the Cancel button.  The Submit and Cancel buttons are located at the bottom of the form. Bolded field names indicate fields that must be completed.

Organization Privilege

This field by default displays ďSupplierĒ as the privilege granted to the new supplier sub organization.

MERX Organization Number

This field will remain blank until MERX has generated a new number for the new organization.

Registration Date

Displays the current system date as the date the supplier sub organization was created. 

Organization Status

Displays the organizationís status in MERX. The default status message is ďActiveĒ.

Status Date

Displays the date on which the Organizationís Status was last modified.

Organization Name

Enter the organizationís name. There are two optional Organization Name fields should you require more space.


Enter a brief description of the business carried out by the organization (i.e. health services, legal services, architecture, training services, etc.).

Default Language

Select the organizationís preferred language of communication from the drop down list.  The preferred language can be French or English.


Enter the organizationís address into the fields provided.  Enter the street address in the first field and then any other address information in the other two address fields as required. (i.e. P.O. Box number, building name, etc.)


Enter the name of the City where the organization is located.


From the drop down list, select the Country where the new supplier sub organization is located.

Canadian Residents Only Province and Postal Code

From the drop down list, select the Province where the sub organization is located and then enter the postal code into the Postal Code field.

U.S. Residents Only State and Zip Code

If the sub organization is located in the U.S., select the State from the drop down list and then enter the zip code in to the Zip Code field.

International Residents Country (Outside of Canada and U.S.)

If the sub organization is located outside of Canada and the United States, enter the postal code into the Postal Code field.

Web Site URL

Enter the sub organizationís web site address, if applicable.


This field is used to identify the category of goods and services the sub organization offers.  Select the appropriate category from the drop down list. If you do not know the category, select ďUndefinedĒ from the drop down list. This is a mandatory field.

GST Number

Enter the organizationís GST (Goods and Services Tax) number.

Corporate Number

Enter the organizationís corporate number.

Statement Delivery This field displays if you have selected to receive your statements via mail.

E-bid Submission Authorized Signer

This filed displays the contact name and email address of the authorized signer assigned to this account for E-bid Submission.  If there is no authorized signer set up for your account, the following message will be displayed: (To setup an Authorized Signer for your organization, please contact MERX Customer Support.)

Submit Button

After you have entered all of the information to be updated, click the Submit button to send the information to MERX.

Cancel Button

You can exit the Create Sub Organization form, without creating a sub organization, by clicking the Cancel button.