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This page allows you to perform a simple broad search for International opportunities by entering keyword(s) (terms or phrases) separated by commas. To find a specific opportunity you can enter its Solicitation Number or Reference Number.

Simple Search

In the text box provided, enter the keyword(s), phrases, or GSIN codes separated by commas necessary to find the opportunities you wish to find. You can use one of the search operators. Click on Searching for Character Strings for detailed information on search operators.

If desired, you can change the maximum number of results to be displayed on your screen. By default, ten notices will be displayed. Change the Maximum number of results to the number you wish to display. Click the Search button located at the bottom of the page to execute the simple search.

Specific Search

To find a specific opportunity, enter the Solicitation Number or Reference Number in their corresponding fields. Click the Search button located at the bottom of the page. For example, if you wish to search using a Solicitation Number, enter the solicitation number in the Solicitation Number field and then click the Search button located at the bottom of the page.

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Search :

Open Opportunties


This option link will allow you to search open International opportunities.



This option link will allow you to access the detailed  International opportunitiessearch page.


Former Opportunities

This option link will allow you to search International opportunities that are closed.