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Not all opportunity notices have components (documents or attachments). If an opportunity notice does have components, you will see an Order link to the right of the notice.

Follow these steps to order components:


Go to the Supplier Home.


Click the Opportunities link.


Locate the opportunity notice that has components you want to order.


Click on the Order link, located to the right of the opportunity. The Order Basket screen will be displayed. Depending on the number of orders you have initiated, the Order Basket will contain all of the orders until they are submitted to MERX.


Enter the quantity and language (if applicable) of the documents you wish to order. You can recalculate the Order Basket page at anytime by clicking the Recalculate button.


If you wish to add more items, click the Add more items button. If you are ready to proceed with the order(s), click the Continue button. The Order Summary page will be displayed. If you wish to cancel or modify the order, click the Change Order button to be returned to the Order Basket page. Should all of the information in the order be correct and you wish to proceed, click the Process Order button.


The Order Confirmation page will be displayed. Review the information to ensure its accuracy. The page should be printed so that you have a record of the transaction. Click the Done button to return to the Opportunities page.

If your order contains a download document, click the Download link located under the Delivery Details column. Note that you will not be charged any additional fees for a downloaded order. Your credit card must be processed first before a physical item components order or documents to be delivered in any fashion other than download order completes.

If you wish to see your opportunity order at a later time or download a document, you can do so by going to the Opportunity Ordered List. To access this list, return to the Supplier Home, click the Account Activity link. When the Opportunity Ordered List is displayed, click on the Confirmation Number of the order you wish to review or that contains the document you wish to download.