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Opportunity matching allows the supplier to set up an opportunity search profile that runs each business date to find and inform you of new opportunity notices. You can have MERX send you matched opportunity notices at no charge by email or fax.  You can also run the opportunity match online.

Follow these steps to set up an opportunity matching profile.

1.       Go to the Supplier Home page.

2.       Click the Opportunities link.

3.       Click the Setup Profile link, located under the Opportunity Matching title on the left side of the page. The Update Matching Profile page will be launched. If there is an existing opportunity matching profile saved, the View Matching Profile page will be launched. In this case, click the Update button to modify the existing opportunity matching profile.

4.       Enter the search criteria items you wish to use to find opportunity notices. For more detailed help information on this page, click the Help button.

5.      To test the new opportunity matching profile, click the Test button. Click the Save button to save the new profile. Click the Cancel button if you do not want to setup a profile or to discard any changes.

You can run your opportunity matching profile online at any time by clicking the Run link located under the Opportunity Matching title. MERX will list the matched new open opportunity notices that have been published since the last date you were logged in.