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This page displays the award or CITT (Canadian International Trade Tribunal) notice information.


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Field Definitions

Contract Number

Displays the contract number assigned to the awarded opportunity by the buyer. CITT notices will attach “CITT” to the end of the contract number.


Displays the title of the award or CITT notice.

Reference Number

Displays the reference number that the MERX system assigned to the opportunity when it was published. The buyer, depending on the method used to transmit the opportunity to MERX, may assign an opportunity reference number.

Solicitation Number

Displays the solicitation number that was assigned by the buyer to the opportunity.


Displays the closing date of the opportunity.


Displays the date on which the contract for the opportunity was awarded.


The date that the Award or CITT notice was published on the MERX system.

Contract End Date

The date on which that the awarded contract ends.

Award Type

Displays the Award Type.
CAN - Contract Award Notice
GAN - General Award Notice
AWD – Award from the ISM System
AN – Award Notice

Solicitation Method

Displays the method used to notify Suppliers of the opportunity.


Displays the Goods and Services Identification Number code selected for this opportunity.

GSIN Description

Displays a description of the selected Goods and Services Identification Number code.


Displays the dollar value of the awarded contract. A currency type value (such as USD, CAD) indicates the currency being used. USD stands for US dollars and CAD stands for Canadian dollars.


This optional field displays additional information about the award. Additional information may include details of the tendering process, details of the award process, and/or details surrounding the awarding of the contract to multiple vendors.

Supplier Information

Displays the successful supplier’s organization name and information.

Buyer Information

Displays the buyer’s organization name and information. The buyer is the organization that published the opportunity.