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Complete Supplier Guide (PDF Format)

This page displays a table that lists the Sub Organizations that have been found based on your Sub Organization search. The table column headings include Organization Name, Privilege, City, Province/State, Status, and Portal. If your organization does not have any sub organizations, the message “No sub organizations found!” will be displayed. You can use the links on the left hand side menu to access other MERX pages.

View Sub Organization’s Profile  

To view the profile of a sub organization, click the sub organization’s name.  The View Sub Organization page will be displayed.

Menu Links

The menu links are located on the left side of the page.


This option gives you access to the Opportunities page, from which you will be able to find and display opportunity notices and manage your opportunity matching profile(s).

My Account Activity

This option allows you to view and search your Opportunity Ordered List, your Order Tracking Report and View online Statements. 

Manage My Account

This option allows all users to access and manage their account information.

Organization Profile Maintenance

This option allows you to access the View Organization page.

Create Sub Organization

This option allows you to create a new Sub Organization.


Under this sub-header you will be able to access the Merx and Government Announcements, Government Publications, Business Resources, Events, and our Frequently Asked Questions pages.