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This page allows registered users to log in to MERX. You will have access to the MERX functions defined by your User ID.

To login to MERX, enter your User ID and Password into the fields provided and then click the Login button.

Forgot your password? You can ask MERX to send you your password. Click the “Forgot your password?” link to launch the password wizard. You will be prompted to enter your User ID and email address. After you click the Submit button, MERX will match the User ID and email address to your MERX customer profile. If the email address matches, your password will be sent to you by email usually within 5 minutes (time duration may very depending on your mail server and Internet Provider).



Welcome to the MERX electronic tendering service. This page allows non-registered suppliers to order documents associated to an opportunity. Before an order can be processed, you must click the Non Subscriber button and then accept the MERX Terms and Conditions statement, and enter your organization and contact information.

Other than your subscription fee, there are no additional charges for downloaded documents. Physical items such as binders, CD, and blueprints can only be delivered via courier, mail or pickup. One opportunity may have one or more associated components. You will be charged a fixed order fee for each physical item in the order, plus the applicable delivery charge (if you wish to view pricing information, return to the MERX Home page, click the Site Map link and on the following page, click Pricing Info) All purchases must be paid by credit card.    .


In order to become a MERX subscriber, you can only do so after you have completed accepting the Terms and Conditions page and have entered your organization and contact information.  As a MERX subscriber, you will be charged a low monthly fee instead of being charged a fee for each order basket submitted.  To change from a Non-Subscriber account to a registered subscriber, follow these steps:

1.      Go to the Supplier Home.

2.      Select the Customer Profile menu link located on the left side of the page. The View Organization Information page will be displayed.

3.      Select the View Own Profile menu link located on the left side of the page. The View Own Contact Information page will be displayed.

4.      At the bottom of the View Own Contact Information page, click the Update button. The Update Own Contact Information page will be displayed.

5.      From the Role drop down list, select Supplier Coordinator.

6.      Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. You will be changed to a registered MERX subscriber.

Note:  Once you have changed your role to a Supplier Coordinator, you can not change it back.  If you require assistance, please contact the Call Centre at 1-800-964-MERX (6379).

Important: If you are a registered MERX subscriber, click link to go to the MERX Login page.

Non Subscriber

If you are not a MERX subscriber, click the Non Subscriber button.  You will be prompted to accept the MERX Terms and Conditions statement.