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MERX is Canada’s leading electronic tendering service

Are you searching for opportunities to bid on tenders from the Canadian public sector, or from Canadian Agencies, Crown & Private corporations, or from the U.S. federal, state and local marketplace? MERX has leveled the playing field so that businesses of any size can have easy and affordable access to billions of dollars in contracting opportunities.

Need information on the construction marketplace? A MERX private construction subscription supplies you with research and reports on private construction projects from across Canada.

MERX presently offers its suppliers four services:

Canadian Public Tenders Service:

You decide which of the thousands of Canadian public sector business opportunities are right for you. Billions of dollars of contracts are tendered annually through the MERX Canadian Public Tenders Service. (Learn More)

Agencies, Crown & Private corporations Service:

Broaden your horizons by exploring opportunities tendered by agencies, crown and private corporations. These organizations are ready to do business with all types of vendors (small, medium and large) and come from across Canada. (Learn More)

U.S. Tenders Service:

Access thousands of business opportunities from the most comprehensive network of U.S. government agencies. Our diverse network of federal, state, and local agencies will give you the competitive intelligence needed to win U.S. government contracts. (Learn More)

Private Construction Service:

Tap into the billions of dollars in private construction projects currently reporting in Canada, from the construction of houses and hotels, to office buildings and shopping malls. (Learn More)

MERX, a subsidiary of mdf commerce, owns and operates the MERX service.

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