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This glossary provides descriptions for many terms and concepts you may encounter while using MERX.

Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) Non-standard format
Agreement Type Notice
Amendment Notification of Amendments
Associated Components Notification of Cancellation
Attachment NSO (Non-Subscriber Order)
Authorization number Open Canadian Opportunities
Automatic Delivery of Amendments (Value Added Service) Open to Region
Award Notice Opportunity Matching
Bid Opportunity Matching Profile
Bid Document Opportunity Notice
Buyer Opportunity Ordered List
Categories Order Basket
Client Agency Order Maintenance
Closing Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Order Pickup Location
Closing Time Parent Organization Profile
Commodity Groups PDF (Portable Document Format)
Confirmation Number Phone Support ID
Contract Award Notice (CAN) Physical Component
Cookies Preview Associated Documents
Disclaimer Publish Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
Distribution Unit Reference Number
Document Region of Delivery
Document Number Region of Opportunity
Document Request List Solicitation Method
Documentation Solicitation Method - Open
Electronic Bid Submission (E-bid Submission) Solicitation Method - Qualified
Former Opportunities Search Solicitation Number
Government Business Opportunities Publication (GBO) Source ID
GSIN Standard Format
Handling Charge Sub Organization List
Items Supplier
MASH Supplier Contact
MERX Distrubution Unit Tender Board
MERX Organization Number User ID
Method of Delivery View Items Electronically
Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN)
A notice of intent to negotiate with only one firm. Suppliers cannot bid on these opportunities; however they may indicate their interest directly to the contracting authority on or before the closing date.
Agreement Type
This field indicates which trade agreement (if any) applies to the notice. Examples of trade agreements are NAFTA, World Trade Organization, Set Aside Program for Aboriginal Business, Agreement on Internal Trade, etc.
This is a piece of documentation that is issued subsequent to an opportunity becoming active on MERX. Any supplier who has ordered a bid package prior to the change will automatically receive the amendment or notification, with the exception of those suppliers who have indicated that they wish to receive no further amendments. Also known as an "addenda".
Associated Components
Associated components are documents or attachments that are provided with a notice to provide supporting information. They can be electronic documents, attachments, questions and answers, physical items/samples, or blue prints. Also referred to as associated components or documents/attachments.
A piece of documentation that is issued subsequent to or in addition to a document, and is of 'non-standard' format.
Authorization number
The number assigned by MERX to a purchase by credit card.
Automatic Delivery of Amendments (Value Added Service)
When you order an opportunity you have the option to have amendments automatically sent to you when they are issued by the buyer organization.
Award Notice
The creation of a notice announcing the award of a contract to one or more suppliers. The award notice can be the result of a closed opportunity (published on MERX) that has been awarded or an independent notice created to announce an award not related to any published opportunity notice.
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A tender, proposal or quotation submitted in response to a solicitation from a participating buying organization. A bid covers the response to any of three principal methods of soliciting bids, i.e. Invitation to Tender, Request for Proposal and Request for Quotation.
Bid Document
Components provide supporting information for a notice. They can be documents, attachments, questions and answers, physical items/samples, or blue prints. Also referred to as bid documents or documents/attachments.
A purchasing agent within an organization. Buyers can include procurement officers from governments (including their respective ministries, departments, crown corporations and agencies), the MASH-sector, other publicly-funded organizations or private corporations who must follow open procurement policies and are subject to various trade agreements.
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Sometimes confused with GSINs, a category is a classification method at a high level for goods, services and construction.
Client Agency
A client agent is a contract from another division or department from within the buyer's organization. The Buyer creates opportunity notices on behalf of a client agent. The client agent information can be displayed on the notice.
Closing Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
The date on which all submissions must be received by the public notices and then moved to the historical database (Former Opportunities) on Canadian Public Tenders.
Closing Time
Indicates the exact time and time zone which the bid submissions must be received by.
Commodity Groups
Goods, services, construction are the primary commodity groups.
Confirmation Number
The number that MERX assigns to completed orders.
Contract Award Notice (CAN)
Information on who has been awarded the contract.
Cookies are small packets of information that store and track your work preferences, patterns and Internet address (URLs). Cookies do not record or transmit your email address or any other personal information to MERX. When you exit your browser, the cookies created by MERX are removed from your hard-drive. In order for MERX to run smoothly you must accept cookies.
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A message which appears at the top of all notices on MERX, indicating that the buying organization, and not MERX, is accountable for language and/or content.
Distribution Unit
Location where document components are distributed from as well as where they can be picked up, in instances where pick up is a valid delivery method.
A text file that can be in electronic format or printed on paper which supports the notice.
Document Number
The number that MERX assigns to each component added to a notice.
Document Request List
A list of suppliers who have ordered associated components for a specified notice. Also referred to as "Opportunity Request List"
A 'generic' term that includes document, attachment, and amendment.
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Electronic Bid Submission (E-bid Submission)
E-bid submission is a value added service on MERX that allows suppliers to submit bids electronically and allows buyers to download those submissions. For suppliers, using your MERX user ID and an electronic bid submission authorized signer’s PIN, you can securely upload files that make up your bid. Buyers can retrieve the electronic bid files after the closing date and time have passed. Note: The buyer decides whether to allow electronic bid submission for a particular opportunity.
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Former Opportunities Search
A search page that allows the user to search for closed notices.
Government Business Opportunities Publication (GBO)
Notices that are published on MERX Canadian Public Tenders which have a trade agreement of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or World Trade Organization (WTO).
Goods and Services Identification Number is a commodity coding system. This coding system allows for more accurate search results when searching for opportunity or award notices.
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Handling Charge
The amount charged for shipping and handling components that have been ordered by suppliers. Please see the MERX Canadian Public Tenders price list for more details.
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Found during the ordering process, this column lists each component of the opportunity being ordered. Clicking on the component item link will display the Items details page. This page lists each document, the number of pages and available formats.
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MASH (Municipal, Academic, Schools and Hospitals) Sector
Also referred to as the broader public sector.
MERX Distribution Unit
A distribution centre contracted by MERX that distributes ordered components from MERX Canadian Public Tenders.
MERX Organization Number
The number that MERX generates and assigns to all registering organizations.
Method of Delivery
The delivery method selected by the supplier to receive ordered components: email, fax, courier, mail, download or pick-up.
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Non-standard format
Non-standard format describes hardcopy documents or amendments which are not 8.5"x11" or 8.5" x 14". They can include 11"x 17" paper, blueprints, removable media, binder, book, videotape, sample, etc.
An electronic advertisement that: solicits goods or services; indicates that a solicitation is being updated/changed; or announces a contract award.
Notification of Amendments
Notification of amendments is an automatic service whereby you will be notified of any amendments issued by a buyer organization for opportunities you have ordered on MERX. This option is chosen for each opportunity when on the order screen.
Notification of Cancellation
Notification of cancellation is an automated service whereby you will be notified of the cancellation of any opportunities you have ordered on MERX Canadian Public Tenders.
NSO (Non-Subscriber Order)
An order placed by a person who is not a registered MERX Canadian Public Tenders complete subscriber. For more information please see “Why Subscribe?”
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Open Canadian Opportunities
Refers to active Canadian notices, not necessarily solicitation notices for goods and services.
Open to Region
Refers to active Canadian notices, not necessarily solicitation notices for goods and services.
Opportunity Matching
This feature allows registered users of MERX to set up and maintain a search profile that will automatically find notices that match the types of goods and services that the supplier provides. These matches can then be sent on a daily basis to the supplier by fax or email.
Opportunity Matching Profile
Criteria selected and saved by a supplier that represents the type(s) of goods or services that their organization supplies. The profile can be made up of GSIN groups, keywords and/or phrases. Notices which match the criteria found in the profile can then be automatically sent to the supplier on a daily basis via fax or email.
Opportunity Notice
A summary or description of the goods or services a buyer wishes to obtain. This information is available publicly on MERX.
Opportunity Ordered List
Found as a link off of the supplier menu, this page displays a summary of the orders placed by a supplier. Once an order has been approved, when available, associated files can be downloaded from this list.
Order Basket
This page displays all of the opportunity orders that a supplier has requested. A shopping cart icon appears at the top of each MERX page, indicating that there are opportunity orders in the order basket. The order basket allows suppliers to remove opportunity orders, select amendment options, enter the quantity required for each component of an order, and select the delivery method.
Order Maintenance
This link located on the MERX Canadian Public Tenders supplier menu allows suppliers, to access two order maintenance functions: Opportunity Ordered List - a list of the opportunity notices that you have ordered and Document Request List – allows suppliers to search for an opportunity in order to access a list of subscribers who have ordered bid documents.
Order Pickup Location
A MERX page that displays the location where the ordered components can be picked up.
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Parent Organization Profile
A page which displays an organization's information including: MERX organization number, company name and address. In some cases, the parent organization will be the creator of sub organizations.
PDF (Portable Docuement Format)
A file format created by Adobe Acrobat Writer, and is readable by Adobe Acrobat Reader. Files which can be downloaded or emailed from MERX, will always be in a PDF format due to the fact that they are non-editable. The latest version of The Acrobat Reader software can be downloaded from the Adobe Acrobat site, http://www.adobe.com/ free of charge.
Phone Support ID
A code that identifies a MERX subscriber to MERX customer support. The subscriber can change their phone support ID code at any time.
Physical Component
A physical sample or physical item ie: removable media, videotapes, etc. which provides supporting information for a notice.
Preview Associated Documents
Subscribers can preview the documents of open public tenders on MERX Canadian Public Tenders prior to ordering.
Publish Date (dd/mm/yyyy)
The date on which the notice becomes active and subscribers are able to view the notice on MERX Canadian Public Tenders.
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Reference Number
A unique number assigned by MERX to an opportunity. The purpose of this code is to avoid confusion when the same solicitation number is used more than once (by two different buyers).
Region of Delivery
The region where the goods or services being requested are to be delivered.
Region of Opportunity
The region or location where suppliers should be based or located in order to qualify as a supplier for the opportunity.
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Solicitation Method
This is a list of selected conditions that apply to the opportunity notice and subsequent contract if awarded.
Solicitation Method - Open
Any organization or person can submit a bid on the business opportunity.
Solicitation Method - Qualified
Only organizations or persons with specific qualifications can bid on the opportunity. Examples: qualified pharmaceutical companies, bond-able, qualified engineer, ISO 9000 certified.
Solicitation Number
An internal procurement code that the buyer assigns to an opportunity.
Source ID
Source Identification Code: a MERX code that identifies each buyer organization and buyer contact. A source code can be used when performing a simple search or to generate reports.
Standard Format
Standard format refers to documents or amendments which are 8.5"x11" or 8.5" x 14".
Sub Organization List
A list of sub organizations created by the parent organization.
A person, business or other entity who wishes to pursue procurement opportunities.
Supplier Contact
A contact that represents the registered organization. All communication pieces coming from MERX (bid packages, newsletters, etc.) will be addressed to this contact.
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Tender Board
A Defence Construction Canada notice where special pricing is usually applied.
User ID
A personalized code that is created by MERX at the time of registration. This ID allows suppliers or buyers access to the MERX system.
View Items Electronically
Once an order is completed, this column is located on the Opportunity Ordered Summary page. This column lists all of the component items that have been ordered. All components appearing as a hyperlink (blue) can be downloaded to your computer. Before you can view the file you must ensure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your workstation.
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