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About Private Construction

MERX Private Construction provides a value-added service tailored to contractors looking for project information needed to bid on contracts in the Canadian construction industry. Reporting on projects from the ‘pre-design’ stage through to the start of construction, businesses of any size have affordable access to billions of dollars in construction opportunities. From the construction of houses and hotels to office buildings and shopping malls, MERX Private Construction has all the information you need to bid on contracts.

MERX Private Construction offers the following service packages. All service packages include the same features and benefits.

Main Regions:
All Canada
All of Quebec
All of Alberta
All of British Columbia
All of Manitoba and Saskatchewan
All of Ontario
All of Atlantic Canada

Specific Regions:
Quebec City & District Only
Montreal & District Only
Greater Toronto Only
Central Ontario Only
Greater Ottawa Only
Edmonton & District Only
Calgary & District Only
Vancouver & Vancouver Island Only
BC Interior Only
Northern Ontario

Please note that the MERX Private Construction service is only available in English.