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Kohler Generator Sevice - NB



  Reference Number NB-0460005-20
  Solicitation Number 0460005-20
  Organization Name Government of New Brunswick
New Brunswick Government Purchasing Branch
  Source ID PV.MN.NB.110270.C11191
  Associated Components Yes


  Published 2019-05-21
  Closing 2019-06-04 01:30 PM Atlantic Standard Time AST


  Category Undefined
  GSINS J: Maintenance
  Region of Delivery
  Region of Opportunity
  Agreement Type
  Tender Type Invitation to Tender (ITT)
  Estimated Value
  Solicitation Method

Notice Description

  Kohler Generator Sevice - NB

Central Tendering Branch
Fredericton Region Provincial Centre
Suite 2300, 300 St. Mary's

New Brunswick
E3A 2S4

To establish an eligibility list of authorized and certified Kohler Propane Generator
Service Contractors for regular, and emergency services for the Radio Communications
Section of the Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Contract Term:
2 year contract (June 4, 2019 - May 31, 2021) with one optional renewal year.

Please review the attached specifications and tower locations.

This is a tender notice only.  In order to submit a bid, you must obtain official 
tender documents from the New Brunswick Opportunities Network, another authorized 
tendering service or as indicated in the tender notice.

Note change to mailing address: 

Central Tendering Branch
Fredericton Regional Centre
Suite 2300, 300 St. Mary's Street,
Fredericton, N.B.
E3A 2S4

Fax: (506) 444-4200

Public opening of bids will take place on closing day at 14:00 Atlantic Time, in 
Fredericton Regional Centre, Suite 2300, 300 St. Mary's Street, Fredericton, N.B. 
E3A 2S4.
All bids must be stated in Canadian Funds.

All tenders must be F.O.B. destination, freight prepaid.

Sales taxes should not be included in the unit, extended or total prices.

This Invitation is being conducted under the provisions of the Procurement Act 
and Regulation as of the date of the issuance of the Invitation. Bidders may obtain 
a copy of the Act and Regulation on-line free of charge Procurement Act, Regulation 
or a paper copy may be purchased from the Queen's Printer, Province of N.B., P.O. 
Box 6000,Fredericton, N.B. E3B 5H1.

Written questions relating to this opportunity may be submitted to the address 
provided below via email by clicking on Questions.  Please be sure to include the 
solicitation/tender number in the subject line.
NOTE:  This email account is strictly for the receipt of questions on 
open opportunities. This email is not for the submission of bids. 

All suppliers engaged to deliver services on behalf of the Government of New 
Brunswick must ensure compliance with the Official Languages Act in the 
delivery of those services.  For more information, please refer to the Official 
Languages Act.

The Atlantic Provinces Standard Terms & Conditions for Goods and Services apply 
to this procurement and are considered to be incorporated into this document. By 
submitting a bid, you agree and accept these terms and conditions. Current "Atlantic 
Provinces Standard Terms and Conditions" are available on the New Brunswick 
Opportunities Network, the Council of Atlantic Premiers' Website or from an authorized 
service provider.

Under Canadian law (and international agreements), your Bid must arrive separately 
and independently, without conspiracy, collusion or fraud; see for further information.

A bidder must obtain official bid documents from a distribution service, authorized 
by the Minister of Service New Brunswick, in order to submit a bid.  The current 
authorized distribution services are the New Brunswick Opportunities Network 
(NBON) (operated by Service New Brunswick, Province of NB), BIDS (operated 
by Tendering Publications Ltd.) and MERX (operated by Mediagrif Interactive 
Technologies).  Failure to submit the official bid documents or provide proof 
that the
official bid documents were properly obtained will result in rejection of the 
bid.  In order to facilitate the evaluation process, Bidders are requested to 
respond in the same format as the official bid documents.

Where the estimated value of the goods or services to be procured is below
the lowest applicable threshold value of any relevant trade agreement, Service 
New Brunswick reserves the right to give preferential treatment to a prospective 
supplier from New Brunswick or the Atlantic Region. Should this right be exercised, 
the following order of priority will apply: a) firstly, New Brunswick manufacturers 
if the goods to be procured are manufactured in New Brunswick; b) secondly, New 
Brunswick vendors; and c) thirdly, Atlantic Suppliers. The preference will be 
applied based
on the price differential
between the lowest acceptable bid and the bid receiving preferential treatment. 
Unless otherwise indicated, there shall be no limit on the price differential 
under which a preference may be applied. The decision to apply a preference will 
be at the sole discretion of Service New Brunswick.

All discounts quoted will be considered to be without limitations.

Payment of invoices is the responsibility of the department or organization to 
whom the goods are shipped or services are supplied.

Award of contracts: no contract shall be awarded and no payment shall be made to 
a vendor unless authorized by the Minister or his delegates. The Minister may 
make an award to the preferred vendor conditional on the negotiation and acceptance 
of a detailed contract between the Province and the vendor. In such cases, should 
the detailed contract negotiations not be completed in a reasonable period of 
time, the Province reserves the right to discontinue negotiations with the vendor 
subsequently enter into negotiations with the second preferred vendor.

No right or duty, in whole or in part, of the vendor under a contract issued may 
be assigned or delegated without the prior consent of the Strategic Procurement 

Unless the Strategic Procurement Branch has determined otherwise prior to tender 
closing, all prices must be extended and totaled.

The province of New Brunswick reserves the right to negotiate pricing, value added 
and other savings opportunities with the successful proponent at time of award 
and throughout the contract.

Pay Equity
Does your organization have 50 or more employees?
The Government of New Brunswick is committed to encouraging and incentivizing the 
adoption of pay equity by employers doing business with government.

Prior to the award of procurements for goods and services valued over $1,000,000, 
suppliers, with fifty (50) or more employees will be required to complete the Pay 
Equity Learning Module developed by the Women's Equality Branch. Suppliers should 
provide a copy of their certificate of completion with their bid submission.

To complete the online module and obtain your certificate, please visit For questions, please contact the Pay Equity Bureau toll free: 
(877) 253-0266 or by Email:

All Suppliers engaged to deliver goods or services to the Government of New 
Brunswick must ensure compliance with the Designated Materials Regulation in the 
provision or delivery of those goods obligated under that Regulation. Please refer 
to Recycle NB's website and the Designated Materials Regulation for 

Direct Deposit
The Province of New Brunswick is now using Direct Deposit as the standard method 
of issuing payments. Suppliers are required to provide bank account information 
and an email address for the notice of remittance. Please send the completed Direct 
Deposit Form to Service New Brunswick (e-mail address and mailing address are 
indicated on the form).
Please click on the link below to view the Direct Deposit Form. Solicitation documents will be provided in either of the Province of New Brunswick's two official languages; English or French upon request. Dept. of Transportation & Infrastructure Radio Communications Branch 1050 College Hill Road Fredericton New Brunswick E3B 4J8 1: Unit of measure : Hour(s) Quantity: 1 Organisation id : 3039 Description : KOHLER Generator Services - Eligibility List To supply regular and emergency call out service, including: - Installation - Removals - Repairs - Modifications to the network of Kohler Propane Generators. The services required pertain to the Provincially owned Integrated Radio Communications System (IRCS) in the Province of New Brunswick. CONTRACT TERM: JUNE 4, 2019 - MAY 31, 2021 (plus one additional optional renewal year) All bidders must be Kohler factory certified who employ Kohler factory certified technicians to work on Kohler Propane Generators. The pricing sheet attached must be signed, completed and included with your bid submission. No totals required. This procurement is subject to the provisions of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, the Atlantic Procurement Agreement and the Quebec-New Brunswick Procurement Agreement. Michèle Richardson Central Tendering Branch Fredericton Region Provincial Centre Suite 2300, 300 St. Mary's Fredericton New Brunswick E3A 2S4 1 (506) 444-4104 1 (506) 444-4200

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