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MERX is Canada’s leading electronic tendering service. Introduced in 1997, we are the most complete source of public and private sector contract opportunities (tenders) available in Canada. MERX has leveled the playing field so that businesses of any size can have easy and affordable access to billions of dollars in contracting opportunities with the Government of Canada, participating provincial and municipal governments, the U.S. Government, state and local governments, and the private sector. MERX is a subsidiary of mdf commerce - a leading operator of 13 e-business networks across the world.

Our Services

For over 15 years, MERX has made doing business with the public and private sector, simpler, faster and more cost effective. MERX allows businesses of all sizes to access contracting opportunities at any time and order tender documents using our comprehensive document delivery service.

The heart of our service consists of a searchable database of business opportunities and construction project news that is updated every weekday. The database includes contract opportunities and construction project news representing hundreds to millions of dollars.

MERX presently offers four services, of which suppliers can register to more than one:

Canadian Public Tenders Service

Suppliers interested in doing business with the Canadian Public Sector can use MERX Canadian Public Tenders to connect to buyers in the Canadian federal, provincial and MASH sectors and get the information needed to bid on public-sector contracts. MERX Canadian Public Tenders provides a fast, simple and central location to view tender notices and order only the tender documents pertinent to your business. MERX Canadian Public Tenders offers 2 subscription packages.

MERX for Agencies, Crown and Private corporations

Suppliers interested in doing business with agencies, crown, not-for-profit and private corporations can use the service to connect to small, medium and large enterprise purchasing departments and get the information needed to bid on contracts. This service also allows your business to register as a buyer so you can post your purchasing requirements on MERX and access Canada’s largest pool of suppliers.

U.S. Tenders Service

Suppliers interested in doing business in the United States can use MERX U.S. Tenders to connect to the most comprehensive network of public-sector buyers in the United States and get the information needed to bid on contracts. MERX U.S. Tenders gives access to thousands of business opportunities and the competitive intelligence needed to win contracts with federal, state and local government agencies. MERX U.S. Tenders offers a choice of subscription packages.

Private Construction Service

Suppliers interested in private sector construction news currently reporting in Canada can use MERX Private Construction to connect to architects, engineers and general contractors and get the information needed to sub-contract on projects. From the construction of houses and hotels, to office buildings and shopping malls, MERX Private Construction offers information on projects from the ‘final planning’ stage to the start of construction. MERX Private Construction offers a selection of regional subscription packages.

Our Members

MERX supplier members consist of businesses of all sizes (small, medium, and large), from across all industries.

Our Vision

"To enhance MERX with services that provide incremental value to buyers and suppliers.”

To this end, we will increase the value proposition to suppliers through new features and services. We will make it easier to find business opportunities on MERX. We will make it easier for buyers to access qualified suppliers. We will build partnerships that will increase the exposure of public and private sector contract opportunities.